estebanJune 24, 2014

by Esteban Shimpf

There is no reason for me to write, I am not a writer.

The only reason I write is because it is an easy way to walk into my own unknown.

I use a typewriter because you cannot edit and because you cannot delete. There is no looking back and the only option is to keep writing. It takes a certain amount of bravery for me to use a typewriter because I cannot predict what I am going to say. Sometimes the things I write frighten me, sometimes they make me sad, on some occasions I have even convinced myself of having been in love with strangers. When I write I don’t have a plan or an object, I only have an inclination. The inclination is to see the mystery of the subject reveal itself. It’s exciting. When the writing is good it becomes clear that I am only a messenger. When I read what I have written it feels like it is the first time I’ve heard any of it despite that I am aware of having written all of it. It’s like showing up to a party where you know everyone’s name yet have never seen any of their faces.

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Esteban Schimpf (b. Bogotá, Colombia, 1986) is an artist that lives and works in Los Angeles, where he occupies his time reading and loitering on the internet.

Schimpf received his degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been featured internationally in exhibitions including California Dreaming, curated by Fred Hoffmann at Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon (2010), Los Angeles Contemporary, 2012, Hang In There, curated by Jason Lazurus, Chicago (2011), Billboard Project, curated by Lauri Firstenberg and LA><ART, Los Angeles, (2010), the Contemporary Art Workshop in Chicago, and Bad Moon at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago (2008). In addition to Instant LA Summer 2 : HEAVY HAPPY, he curated its prequel, Instant LA Summer 1, at Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (2010). 
See more on his website.


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